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Wave Week

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Join us for Wave Week 2014!

Wave Week @ Villanova: July 13-18

Wave Week @ Georgetown: July 27-August 1

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What is Wave Week?
WAVE WEEK is one of the premier service-leadership training grounds in the U.S. Through our intensive 6-day program of leadership development, community service, team building activities, and summer fun you will learn how to plan and execute better service projects while building stronger teams. Wave Week offers both overnight and commuter camp options.

Will we do community service at Wave Week?
Volunteering is a very important aspect of a participant’s experience at Wave Week. This year at Wave Week we are partnering with other local organizations to focus our service efforts and resources towards the needs of those living it West Philadelphia. Through our camp’s service, awareness efforts, and take home projects, we will work to help the people of this neighborhood and the groups that work with them. Wave Week affects the lives of tens of thousands of people every year through the generosity and service of its participants. We hope that you will join us and learn how to expand your own Big Ripple Effect and help even more people who need a hand.

Who can participate?
All teens who have completed 6th grade through 11th grade are welcome at Wave Week. Campers are divided into two tracks based upon their age. Each track meets separately for most activities and for dorm assignments. Meals and large group activities incorporate both tracks.
Middle School Track: 6th-8th graders -- High School Track: 9th-11th graders

Where does Wave Week take place?
Wave Week @ Villanova (July 13-18) is held on the beautiful campus of Villanova University in Villanova, PA. The university is 20 minutes west of Center City Philadelphia in the historic Main Line area. To learn more about Villanova University, go to

Wave Week @ Georgetown (July 27-August 1) is held on the historic campus of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. The university is in the lovely Georgetown neighborhood of Washington and is just steps from the Potomac River. To learn more about Georgetown University, go to

All dorms and activity rooms are fully air-conditioned!

What skills are taught at Wave Week?

  • Effective communication
  • Group leadership
  • Motivating team members
  • Planning and marketing a great volunteer event
  • Getting a group to work more efficiently
  • Increasing the impact of your group in the community
  • Fundraising and budget planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Diversity awareness
  • Personal and group evaluation
  • Presentation skills
  • Understanding personality strengths/weaknesses and how to use them to your advantage
  • Confidence to know that teens CAN and DO make a difference!

Get more information and an overview of the Wave Week schedule.

Who teaches these skills at Wave Week?
Wave Week is a unique peer-learning environment and 3/4 of our staff are experienced high school and college student leaders! We keep the lecturing to a minimum and teach most of the concepts through a range of small group activities.

What is the average camper like?
There is no average camper at Wave Week! Spark the Wave prides itself on recruiting a diverse mix of participants and staff. Our participants come to us from a broad geographic, demographic, and economic pool. We have found that exposing teens to young leaders from varied backgrounds creates a more comprehensive and dynamic learning environment. This diversity prepares teens for real-world experiences and helps to develop their communication and team-building skills.